About us

Lyle Beef Cattle is a family owned and run operation located in the tough forest country South East of Casino, NSW.


After years of the family being totally committed to Hereford & cross bred cattle, Bruce set out in 1982 to develop and establish the Angus herd at “Jambrita” Alphadale until relocating to “Paisley Park” Casino in 1988, where we still call home today.


The Lyle family has been raising registered Angus cattle for over 30 years. This is testament to our relentless commitment and passion to provide the local beef industry with “HERD IMPROVING” Angus bulls, that make more $$ for your business.


Over the years, we have consciously avoided all the “hype“ in the Stud cattle world and have not followed any “fad” overnight markets or show ring extremes, we chose to continue breeding the type of cattle you see today right from day one. Our cattle are easy doing, well muscled throughout, have lots of depth, milk well and are reared under true commercial cattle conditions. Our cattle perform in harsh and unforgiving forest country, which is testament to the true commercial value of “Perform or Perish”. To this day, we remain steadfast on producing cattle that can leave our farm and perform in the real world under true commercial grazing conditions.


We enjoy nothing more than supplying bulls into operations that continue to come back, time and time again to select bulls for their herds. The level of repeat business is the truest test for any breeding program, bar none. Having withstood the test of time, we continue to remain focused on how best to build on what we have to ensure we supply our “Angus Herd Improvers” well into the future.


Please peruse our website that includes pictures of past and present sale bulls, our show ring return and some articles of interest, including info on our 2021 sale bulls as it becomes available.