Annually we sell around 35 rising 2 year old Angus bulls.

Check the tabs under sale cattle for more info on upcoming sales.

Sale Bulls on Oats.
Day 1 on oats 12.5.19.jpg


There are times we have females available for sale. Please check the tabs under sale cattle for more info on cattle available.

Weaner Steers - $3.60kg -341kg


To keep in touch with the real commercial world we believe bull breeders should BE a part of the real commercial world !

We sell steers and trade cattle throughout the year and enjoy the higher returns that quality Angus cattle bring both us & our Bull buying clients.

6 tooth steers - $2.65kg - 712kg

A pen of our 36 - 48mth old Bullocks at Casino Saleyards 7th June 2017.        793kg - $2.70kg = $2142.00

Heifers sold Casino Weaner sale - March 2017

306kg  - $4.00kg = $1224.00

Top Price Heifers G&F Weaner Sale 2018

            $4.06/kg@ 265kg = $1076.00ea....

Repeat buyers of our bulls and females - P & J Vout - Clovass.